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Monday, July 26, 2021
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Children's Church

Schedule:As Needed
Time:Sept, Jan., & May

Children's Church

Children’s Church is a church service for kids, ages 4 to 8ish. The goals are to have a worship service for the children and to prepare the children for "big" church. We set up an alter with seasonal displays, candles, and flowers; sing a song or two; light the candles (always a favorite activity); collect an offering; and have a message.  The message is generally a story. Of course the story is told a bit differently than adult church, some acting and singing, movement, drawing, games, and learning the way kids learn. The message can be Bible stories, symbols, the church season, lessons from Jesus, and also on how the church works: from greeters and ushers, to the minister, choir director, and liturgist.



Children’s Church Committee:
Roy Koenigsberg, coordinator
Cory Margo
Diane Stewart
Christine Hortenback


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